Accounting for a Manufacturing Company

Looking for reliable accounting solutions for your manufacturing business? Maybe you need to scale up production and your current accounting system can’t handle the expected workflow? If your answer is yes, welcome to True Account Masters.

What Is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is a process of transformation. It is either: the transformation and combination of constituent parts into an integral item (automobile manufacture, for example), or: the transformation of a singular substance into constituent parts (petroleum refining, for example).

Hence, the manufacturing system transforms, in a controlled manner, input into output, usually guided by a specification of the intended form (a design). Most modern manufacturing systems include sub-processes to reduce variation in characteristics of output, i.e., quality

How Accounting for manufacturing business is different?

Manufacturing is lengthy process, It involve lots of purchase and stocking of items. Input gets converted in output in which input lost it existence and new product created. Under accounting we need to track each of items purchased, used and converted. Need to put eyes on conversion rate well which make accounting for manufacturing unit complex

At True Account Masters, We have working experience of various manufacturing units. We use advance method on Costing like ABC costing (Activity Based costing), Just in time method and process costing etc.

To do this, we carry out business and process analysis, which includes

  • Overhead Analysis – In modern technology the cost of overhead is very high as compare to traditional methods. We need to check overhead costing and allocated it properly to cost centre for correct valuation of product.
  • Carrying cost of Stock – For making decision, how much stock should be kept for which match current demand and reduce the carrying cost inventory, we check market demand, exiting customer and market size for same. If require we use Just in time method for reduction of cost.

The main goal of an Accounting for manufacturing is to determine the cost of finished goods. At True Accounts Masters, we implement the best accounting practices to improve cost effectiveness for our manufacturing clients.

For the most comprehensive accounting for manufacturing solutions, contact us. Our team will help youin manufacturing business through the best accounting principles.